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Implementation of measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19


According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 211 dated from March 11th, 2020 "On the Prevention of Coronavirus COVID-19 dissemination on the territory of Ukraine", prophylactic measures have been developed and implemented regarding to prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 at our enterprise, approved by the Order № 34 dated from March 12th, 2020 of the ALC "Perechin Timber & Chemical Plant".

Daily measurement of body temperature of the plant’s workers by means of non-contact body temperature thermometers (twice a day: before and after the work day). Limited entry to the plant by third parties (contractors, counterparties, drivers, etc.) without a valuable reason and by the personal permission of the General Director of ALC "Perechin Timber & Chemical Plant".

Usage of antiseptic agents and other safety measures, as recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine: proper washing of hands, keeping a distance of 2m in communication with other people. The heads of the divisions have provided trainings with employees on the implementation of the recommendations of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

Limitation of employee meetings, usage of selector communication. In case of an employee’s high body temperature / signs of flue, SARS or other respiratory diseases, person must released from his responsibilities, self-isolated at home and call out to duty doctor.

Constantly clarified duties and responsibilities of drivers of vehicles and third parties at our enterprise regarding compliance with the rules and recommendations of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, it is also handed "Memo concerning the drivers’ actions and third parties who are on the territory of the enterprise during quarantine".

Protective masks are applied by employees, drivers of vehicles and other persons, who are on the territory of the enterprise. Premises, vehicles for loading products, the products themselves, passenger vehicles that carry workers are disinfected.

Workers are wearing protective masks in buses. Explanatory and informative work concerning prevention of the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 are carried out.